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John Waiblinger

John Waiblinger

Los Angeles, CA


So, this is my growing body of work around a theme I've been exploring for some time now -- my rather fraught and complicated relationship with gay pornography. I've been re-visioning some of the images I've collected over the years, establishing them in a new context, from a different perspective. All of the men in these images have been collected from 'hard porn'sites and I've re-positioned them, re-imagined them in a different context using my own photographs as the basis for this re-visioning. So each work is a layering and recombination of two very different images. The work is rather emotionally driven. Each of these men or couples has touched me on both an emotional and aesthetic level -- caught my eye (and my heart, so to speak) from a perspective other than raw sexuality, and I strive to communicate that vision in each piece. My thought is to perhaps humanize, respect and admire them from another angle than the context in which they were originally captured. Each of these men exists, after all, outside of the context of pornographic performance. I fully recognize the issues of exploitation and objectification inherent in pornographic images, and I know, firsthand, that I am fully capable of objectifying myself and others, and often times my interaction with pornography has nothing to do with its aesthetic qualities. My engagement with these images encompasses many hours of re-thinking and re-imagining who these men might be and my own sense of relationship with them.
................... Ultimately, I consider it an act of romance..................................

You can also view my work in video around these same themes at:


Red Rose by John Waiblinger


Orange Rose by John Waiblinger


Sunshine by John Waiblinger


California Poppies by John Waiblinger


Los Angeles Succulent by John Waiblinger


Print File-4 by John Waiblinger


Autumn Leaves - 2/10 by John Waiblinger


Summer Garden by John Waiblinger


Summer Love by John Waiblinger


Some Summer Afternoon by John Waiblinger


ShadowPlay - 2/10 by John Waiblinger


Faded Grass - 2/10 by John Waiblinger


Russo by John Waiblinger


Fences 1 - 2/10 by John Waiblinger


Fences 2 - 2/10 by John Waiblinger


Ghost - 2/10 by John Waiblinger


Ghost in the City - 2/5 by John Waiblinger


Lotus in the City - 2/5 by John Waiblinger


Morning Glories - 2/5 by John Waiblinger


Morning's Glory by John Waiblinger


River Faun - 1/5 by John Waiblinger


test by John Waiblinger


Lily of the Nile - 2/5 by John Waiblinger